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Wicked trip packages to Mont Tremblant
— Brandon Nogueira
Hell ya a kick ass time for sure
— Chad Watkins
Highly recommended. Tons of fun guaranteed!
— Olya K.
I’ve been travelling with them for years...and it just keeps getting better
— Oliver Manalese
I love it ! Try it ! :)
— Ze Zefred
Love it!!! cant get enough of it!!
— Daniel Panszczyk
Had a great time on the mt. Tremblant trip last year. Didn’t know anyone but met a ton of new people. The organizers did a great job. The snowboarding was amazing. Partied in the village. Such a fun trip planning on going this year and maybe whistler. Pow pow
— Holly K.

Mai Nguyen-Lim


Brendan Son Nguyen
Snowboarder, Golfer

Jonathan Lim
Scuba Diver, Snowboarder, Golfer, Swimmer

Christopher G. Lim
Scuba Diver, Snowboarder, Mountain Biker, Swimmer